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2015-10-30 09:19:43 by TemakiXai

JEES the art I uploaded here is so old now. but damm I really don't feel like uploading the probably few hundred pictures i've made since then XD

So I dunno maybe just a couple of my favourites and then I'll just focus on new ones?

if y'all wanna see the rest then check out my Deviantart or my Tumblr


but yay! finally scouted ^-^
Whatever that means xD

Xai has landed back on Newgrounds

2011-04-04 17:11:52 by TemakiXai

Heya guys. i'm Xai.
Xai temaki the first lord kenkami naruto roleplayer on bebo: [LINK]
Xaigatomon on Deviantart: [LINKIE]
And still i am Xai on my own website: [LINKAGE]

I just moved from my old account 'Hyperaptor' to make this new one in a fresh start!
I mean, when i say old, i mean like really, REALLY old. so yea... im glad newgrounds has an art portal now... i can't do music, or videos, and certainly not games, but art is something i AM good at. so follow me if you will. i'll try and post my latest pics here.
for all of them go to either my DA or my website.

Xai out~


Xai has landed back on Newgrounds